FCPS Post Graduate Training

In Bacha Khan College of Dentistry, FCPS training programme is offered in the following clinical fields

  • Prosthodontics
  • Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

Full length of the FCPS Program is four Years and students need to clear part 1 exam from CPSP in Dentistry after house job to be Illegible to apply.

Enrolment in program is done biannually through postgraduate medical institute (PGMI) Peshawar.

Monthly stipend is Paid to the residents for the entire period of residency.

Residents must write down their progress in the E-log of CPSP regularly which is duly checked by their supervisors.

There are two exams: the intermediate module (IMM) is taken during the middle of the training and the exit exam is part II. Both these exams are conducted by CPSP, and the exam dates are announced at the start of every year.

The programme also comprises of a research component. Each resident is supposed to write a clinical research dissertation on a relevant topic approved by the supervisor and CPSP. To help residents in this regard, college has a research unit affiliated with JBKMC.

The institute also has ethical committee to inspect and approve the research synopsis thoroughly.

The wards are fully equipped with the latest armamentarium and materials and auxiliary staff to facilitate the clinicians and to allow them to learn clinical skills in the best possible way.


FCPS training programme in the Department of Prosthodontics is under the supervision of Professor Dr. Munir Khan, Head of Department of Prosthodontics in Bacha Khan College of Dentistry Mardan. FCPS training was started in January of 2014. The Programme follows the guidelines of CPSP.

The department of Prosthodontics have currently 41 trainees in FCPS. Training is supervised by the Head of Department Dr. Munir Khan and is facilitated by additional faculty members like assistant professors and registrars working in the ward.


The department of OMFS currently has two supervisors for FCPS. Professor Dr. Ahmed Khan who is also the Head of Department, and Professor Dr. Sartaj Khan. The OMFS department is in Mardan Medical Complex as most maxillofacial trauma and complicated cases require multidisciplinary team approach. The Department has its own ward, OPD and operation theatre.


Assistant Professor and Head of Department Dr. Sadia supervises the FCPS training program in the department of orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics. FCPS training started in 2022 and till now three batches have been enrolled in the program.