Quality Enhancement Cell

Mission of QEC

The Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) of [Bacha Khan College of Dentistry] is committed to promoting and sustaining a culture of quality assurance, excellence, and continuous improvement in all aspects of the college's educational programs. We strive to ensure that our students receive an education that meets the highest standards of academic rigor and professional competency. Our mission is to foster an environment where faculty, staff, and students are actively engaged in learning through research-based teaching practices, assessment strategies, and innovative approaches to curriculum development. We strive to provide quality assurance services that support our commitment to excellence in dental


Vision of QEC

The Quality Enhancement Cell of our Dental College will be a model for excellence in dental education, providing students with an outstanding learning experience and producing graduates who are well-prepared to serve their communities. We will foster a culture of continuous improvement, utilizing evidence-based best practices and modern technologies to ensure the highest standards of quality. Our faculty and staff will work together as a team to provide students with an engaging, collaborative learning environment that emphasizes critical thinking skills and ethical values. Through our commitment to excellence, we will ensure that our college is recognized nationally as a leader in dental education.


ORGANOGRAM: Quality Enhancement Cell