Patient Care

High standards of patient care are maintained at BKCD. Care is provided through a properly integrated system so that the patients are examined thoroughly and given treatment in the relevant departments according to their needs and priorities.

As the patient enters the hospital, he/she is examined in the Outpatient Department (OPD).  The doctors in OPD are specialized in through examination and screening of the patients, to facilitate proper treatment. Patients are also advised necessary labs and radiographs in the OPD and referred to relevant departments for further treatment.

Radiology and laboratory are located near to the OPD on ground floor for ease of patients.

1. Out patient department

For initial diagnosis and referral of patients to different departments for treatment

2. Radiology

Digital Radiographs specific for dentistry

Periapical view

Occlusal view



Lateral cephalogram

Posterioanterior view

Occipitomental view

3. Laboratory

To perform investigations pertaining to dental treatment

Screening for Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C

Full blood count

Complete blood picture

coagulation profile

urine RE