Oral Medicine

Oral medicine sits at the interface between dentistry and general medicine. It is a specialty of dentistry that focuses on the diagnosis and management of complex disorders affecting the maxillofacial region, either primary pathology...

This discipline is mainly concerned with the disorders of temporomandibular joint, oral facial pain, salivary gland diseases, lesions of the oral mucosa which includes potentially malignant lesions and conditions. In addition several medical conditions which initially present orally are diagnosed and referred for treatment hence improving the prognosis with early diagnosis.

The department of oral medicine has been playing a vital role in BKCD. The out-patient department works under the supervision of oral medicine. Apart from diagnosis and referral, patients are also screened for oral cancer and counselled regarding oral hygiene maintenance.


Diagnosis and management of oro facial and jaw diseases

treatment of TMJ disorders

Management of facial pain

Management of oral lesions.

Biopsy and workup

Non-surgical treatment of maxillofacial pathology


            Oral medicine is taught as a clinical subject in the third professional year of BDS.  The department of oral medicine is dedicated to providing an environment of scholary inquiry, teaching and patient care in which graduate students can pursue their studies with both effectiveness and flexibility. The curriculum is designed to guide the students of 3rd year BDS to learn the methods of diagnosis and management of oro facial disorders. Students are to learn to take proper history, pertaining to the oro-facial region, perform proper physical examination, advice and interpret appropriate investigations, establish diagnosis and treatment plan and finally learn counselling and consent.

            The teaching strategy consists of lectures, small group discussions, hands-on demonstration, assignments, role plays and video learning.


Department Organogram