Operative Dentistry and Endodontics

The department of Operative Dentistry & Endodontics was established in the year 2012.The department stands for teaching & training of undergraduate students in the subject of Operative dentistry & Endodontics.

 The department of Operative Dentistry and Endodontics caters a huge patient load not only the mardan  but all others surrounding districts of KPK and renders treatment to various dental diseases like dental caries, pulpal and peri-radicular diseases, developmental malformations of teeth, discolored teeth, traumatized teeth and management of dental pain. The department imparts meticulous training to the students at both undergraduate and soon will be able to train post-graduate residents. The department of Operative Dentistry and Endodontics is well equipped fulfilling the all standard of Pakistan medical council for undergraduate students.

· The department has a well-trained, hardworking faculty comprising of one assistant professors, three demonstrator and two clinical technicians. Currently Dr Ghulam ishaq khan is working as head of department. He had completed his graduation from Khyber college of dentistry, Peshawar and done his post-graduation (FCPS) in operative and endodontic training from Fatima memorial hospital, Lahore and completed in 2021.

· The various Treatment Facilities available in the Department are-

·  Restoration of Carious teeth.

· Root Canal Treatment

· Bleaching of Discolored teeth

· Management of traumatized teeth

· Esthetic Restorations

·  Endodontic Surgery


SOPs for Teaching and Learning.

Aim: To ensure that the teaching and learning of the undergraduate is carried out in a conducive environment with adherence to high professional standards. To ensure that the learning environment of the dental education program is conducive for the overall professional development of dental students and faculty.



Undergraduate teaching:

1. Lectures: it’s the main mode is theoretical teaching for undergraduate students. The course work is divided among all the faculty members in the beginning of the session according to their respective thrust areas.

2. Pre-clinical training on models, phantom head dental units for learning different treatment techniques before the students are exposed to clinical work.

3. Clinical demonstrations: undergraduate students must be exposed to different clinical procedures through appropriate demonstrations by faculty members.

4. Problem based learning: it mainly includes clinical teaching. Every faculty member on his/her OPD day must take at least 45 minutes of clinical teaching mainly based on a particular clinical problem and then outlining the etiology, pathogenesis and management of that particular problem.

5. Seminars: one seminar presentation is to be done by one under-graduate student on his/her respective turn. The topics for the seminars are decided by the head of department every year at the beginning of the session for the entire session.

6. Case Discussions: House officer present their clinical case work in front of the faculty members for discussion and critical appraisal and undergraduate students presence is mandatory  

7. Pre-clinical Training: the under-graduate students are trained on models for mastering different endodontic and restorative procedures and techniques. The under graduate students are required to spend six month each in/ their 2nd and 3rd professional in completing the preclinical work before they enter the clinics. The preclinical work includes the following:

1. Cavity preparation, lining and restoration on typhodont/phantom teeth

2. Root canal treatment on extracted natural teeth

3. Sectioning of the extracted natural teeth for studying endodontic anatomy.

Each section of the preclinical work is supervised by the respective teachers/faculty members


8. Clinical demonstrations: The consultants demonstrate different endodontic, restorative and surgical procedures on selected cases to the postgraduate students in the clinics on their allotted days.


Department Organogram