Community and Preventive Dentistry

Community and Preventive dentistry is the dynamic field of dentistry which provides basic & advance health awareness, prevention of oral/dental diseases & awareness of oral hygiene in any population.

Community Dentistry is a basic science subject taught in the Second Professional year of BDS. The department has strong tradition of service to the community through community outreach program focusing on vulnerable, underprivileged and deprived population.

The main purpose of the subject is to spread oral health awareness in the public through organized community efforts. The course aims to stimulate interest and to encourage a questioning approach to community dental health issues and their relationship to clinical practice.

The curriculum provides the student with a broad range of knowledge and practical experience in dental public health, primary health care approach and epidemiology of oral diseases to help students understand public health programs, planning and organizational evaluation of dental services. Basic research methods and statistical principles required in dental research and epidemiology are also covered.

Community and Preventive Dentistry Department incorporates all facets of promoting health, prolonging life and preventing oral diseases in the population and their up to date knowledge in the students. It provides the future dentists with the skill sets necessary to care for a community as well as individuals within the community.

Through our teaching program, research platform, and community service we continue to meet this challenge.

Objectives of the Department: The purpose of the teaching program is to give students the concepts of Oral Epidemiology, Oral Health Promotion, health economics, and Human behavior in the society as well as in the clinic, and determinants of Oral health and disease.

For Students: The study of Oral Health care systems, Planning and Managing Oral Health programs and surveys and Bio-Statistics are introduced at the appropriate stages. Special emphasis is placed on trends of Oral Health diseases and their prevention. All lectures delivered are substantiated by demonstrations as well as up-to-date and current advancements in the subject.

Community Dentistry Museum is being developed for enabling students to gain applied knowledge and broaden overall understanding of the subject. Typodonts are used at the outset to develop concepts and as they advance Phantom-heads are substituted as patient simulation for understanding and practice of different clinical examinations imparted in the course. This is carried out in the fully equipped Skills laboratory. Annual Scientific Research poster competition and exam takes place in the second quarter of the academic year. Annual Oral Health Day/week in which patients are educated and are given free tooth brushes and tooth pastes to improve their health. They are then followed over time and the results are published bi-annually. Future plans:

1. Oral health camps/ Oral health awareness programs/ Oral health day

2. Proposed Scientific Poster Presentation topics:

  • Dental health awareness in children
  • Enamel Erosion
  • Dental Waste disposal
  • Effects of Tobacco
  • Oral Care for Special Needs

3. Group Multi-media Presentation topics:

  • Common Risk Factor Approach
  • Oral Cancers and its types
  • Causes and Prevention of Oral Cancers
  • Water Fluoridation and its effects
  • Causes and prevention of Gingivitis 

4. Individual student’s Multi-media Presentation on the basis of the selected topics:

  • Causes, types and prevention of Traumatic Dental Injuries
  • Causes and prevention of Caries 
  • Fluoride and its applications
  • Gingivitis and its prevention
  • Dental Auxiliaries
  • Epidemiology and treatment of Caries 
  • Epidemiology of Traumatic Dental Injuries 
  • Role of Behaviors in Oral health 
  • Role of microorganisms in dental Caries
  • Occupational Hazards
  • Barriers to receipt of Dental Care
  • Role of parents in the Behavior change of children
  • Role of media in Dentistry
  • Economics in Dentistry


Department Organogram