Biochemistry is the study of biochemical reactions that occur at the molecular level within living organisms. In medical biochemistry biochemical techniques are applied to human health and disease. The biological sciences have been ...                                                

The typical scope of medical biochemistry include the following:

The chemical components of the human body, including carbohydrates, lipids, amino acids and proteins, blood and plasma, biological membranes, nucleic acids (DNA and RNA).

The major chemical processes in the human body, such as Metabolism, cell development, enzyme activity, membrane transport mechanisms, homeostasis, blood coagulation, oxygen transport, neurotransmitter functions and ageing.

Nutrition and mineral metabolism, including the role and function of vitamins in the body, Molecular genetics, Heredity and Genomics.

Biochemistry department was established in 2010. Departmental building is purpose built according to PMDC/PMC criteria. It contains lecture theatres with white board, Multimedia and Computer.

A well-equipped laboratory, and spacious rooms for small group discussion, departmental Library, Offices for all faculty members, clerk office, a store and waiting room for parents of students.

All the building is provided with good lighting, a modern heating and cooling system, and safety measures.

The Department has a well-equipped laboratory that contains all modern machines /equipment’s, reagents in quantity more than the number of students. Each equipment backed up by at least one in reserve. Laboratory is well maintained by keeping regular checking and maintaining log books of all equipment’s.

Biochemistry departments typically provide practical’s laboratory sessions, where students perform different biochemical experiments and techniques as per their curriculum. These practical sessions help students to develop practical skills in biochemical analysis, data interpretation, and scientific research methods.

The department has a beautiful library for faculty members provided with all text books and well known reference books.

The mission and objectives of biochemistry is to provide students with a strong foundation in the biochemical sciences and equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their medical careers, whether as clinicians, researchers, or educators. While the objectives

include developing critical thinking skills, understanding human metabolism and applying biochemistry to clinical practice.

Departmental work has been organized by assigning duties like research and curriculum according to experience and best capabilities. For smooth functioning of academic activities every week on Monday there is departmental meeting of all faculty members and supporting staff.

Modern medical teaching has been directed into innovative and active way of learning, by teaching the clinical application of biochemistry. Modern teaching style in form of small group discussion and adopting OSPE style of viva is a step to modernization of teaching to international level.